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Meet Andrew

Hi, my name is Andrew Beatty.

I’m a father (to my dog Oscar) and owner of Andrew Beatty Fitness and creator of the #1 Fitness & Fat Loss system in Limerick.  You might have heard me or even seen me on local radio and news publications.

Here’s the thing; most people think I was just born this way; you know, sort of in to fitness and health.  I’ll bet you even thought I always looked good.  (although some might argue I still don’t look good :P)

The truth us; I have been like you.  Overweight and unhappy.  Yep, that’s right.  I remember when I was younger, playing sports was a nightmare.  Getting togged out for a game or training I’d head to the toilets just to change my jersey in comfort.  I s**t you not.  Andrew Beatty was a fat lug.  Always fit, but incredibly unhappy with my body.  I really wish I had a photo to show you but to be honest getting in photos was the last thing I wanted to do.

But for the last 9 years I’ve worked tirelessly to find a way to get my body in shape, and of course to get you in shape.  I’ve literally been digging trenches and filling them with fat loss experiments.

What does that mean for you?  Simple.

It means your fat loss success is guaranteed.    I’m serious.  You might want to keep reading now eh?

Take a look at what we do.  Each workout is JUST 30 MINUTES long.  BUT it delivers your results faster that any other workout program out there.  See, we’re a no nonsense fitness centre.  We want you to get in and get out without spending hours each day wasting your time and spinning your wheels at the gym.  We want you to get results that come fast and last.

See, it turns out that research proves that shorter, intense workouts are better for your body and get you faster results than longer, more boring workout programs.  Yep, ever heard about a thing called your metabolism?  Of course you have.  It’s that fire inside your belly that’s forcing your body to either burn fat or store it.  Which would you prefer?

You’re gonna want to hear this; shorter workouts are proven to boost your metabolism for almost 48 hours after you workout.  Meaning?  Well, you’re gonna burn fat in your sleep missus.

I personally guarantee it.

You;’ll be working hard, you might even sweat :P, but it IS possible. I promise you that you’ll burn fat in the most friendly, motivating and fun-filled atmosphere ever.

OK, but I can’t do it for you.  You’ve go to take action.  Take action today, don’t wait until tomorrow.

Need Some More Reasons?


Ok, what If I let you workout with me for an entire week for FREE and I’ll even give you afree strategy session worth €197.  Maaaan, I may as well be giving you free money.

How can you say no to that? YOU CAN’T!

Stop waiting for tomorrow.  Do not postpone getting toned, tight body for another day.

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